ISR/IST Laboratório de Robótica Móvel

T he Laboratory's activities unfold into several projects. These initiatives gather several partners, from different, though related, research areas.
T his aims at sharing skills and knowledge and also to participate in broader and more complex - thus more appealing - projects.
C urrently, the Laboratory is involved in the following projects:

SACOR - Semi-Autonomous Cooperative Robots

Ir para RAPOSA RAPOSA - Semi-Autonomous Robot for Rescue Operations
Go to RESCUE RESCUE - Cooperative Navigation for Rescue Robots
Go to PO-ROBOT PO-ROBOT - Multi-purpose Portuguese Flexible Mobile Robot
Go to COOPERA COOPERA - COOPeração Entre Robots móveis Autónomos
Go to CAMERA CAMERA - CAd Modelling of Built Environments from Range Analysis
  Go to RESOLV RESOLV - REconstruction using Scanned Laser and Video
  ITER - Conceptual Study of Flexible Guidance, Navigation and Docking Systems for the Remote Handling Transport Cask System

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