ISR/IST Laboratório de Robótica Móvel

The Mobile Robotics Group integrates the resident staff, who also lectures at the IST-Instituto Superior Técnico, visitor members, some graduated students and a variable group of undergraduate students.
You may find detailed information about each LRM member's activities and interests at their

Resident Staff
foto M.Isabel Ribeiro  Maria Isabel Ribeiro
foto Joao Sequeira  João Sequeira

    Previous Visitors
Ognyan B. Manolov
Graduated Students Former Members
 Alberto Vale foto Artur Arsenio  Artur Arsénio
Francisco Melo foto  Christophe Alvarez
foto Jose Castro  José Castro foto Guillaume Noe  Guillaume Noé
    foto J. Gomes Mota  João Gomes Mota

Only the former member that keep their Web content at the LRM site are mentioned.

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