The Laboratory's activities unfold into several projects. These initiatives gather several partners, from different, though related, research areas. This aims at sharing skills and knowledge and also to participate in broader and more complex - thus more appealing projects.

Currently, the Laboratory is involved in the following projects:

Ubiquitous networking Robotics in Urban Settings
 Power-lines Inspection
Robotic Inspection Over power Lines
Laser range systems to measure live power installations
Semi-Autonomous Cooperative Robots
Robot Semi-Autonomo para Operações de Salvamento
Cooperative Navigation for Search and Rescue-like Operations
(Experimental Results)
Multi-purpose Portuguese Flexible Mobile Robot
COOPeração Entre Robots móveis Autónomos
CAd Modelling of Built Environments from Range Analysis
REconstruction using Scanned Laser and Video
Conceptual Study of Flexible Guidance, Navigation and Docking Systems for the Remote Handling Transport Cask System


9 January, 2008