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Guillaume NOÉ
Calçada da Tapada. 73-2ºD.
1300 Lisbon, Portugal.
25 years old, french, single.
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Intelligent-Systems (Computerizing, AI, Robotics, Automatic, etc.)

1997: Maîtrise-Ingénieur Génie Mathématique et Informatique option Systèmes-Intelligents (Engineer's degree) at IUP-SI , Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse. Specialities: Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automatic, Vision, Pictures and Voice treatment and synthesis, ... Projects done.
1996: Licence SI : bachelor's degree of intelligent systems.
1995: Math Sup and Math Spe P: Preparation for admission to french engineering schools.
1993: Baccalauréat C: CGE A levels.

Languages: French , English and Portuguese : fluent. Spanish: beginner.
Computing languages: C, C++(Unix, Borland, Visual), Visual Basic, Java (JDK, Visual), Ada, Scheme, Prolog, Sql, Html, etc.
Computing environments: Dos, Windows(3.11/95/98/NT/2000), Unix, Linux.
Specific softwares : Visual C++ and J++, Matlab, MATRIXx, Visilog, Visiomat, AML, Arena, Labtech, SQL Server, etc.
Frameworks: MFC, Motif, WebClass, COM+, MTS, SOAP.

Currently: Programmer for Hiperbit , Sintra, Portugal. Subject Development of adapted solution, databases, web applications, etc. ( +details ).
1999: Research engineer for the LRM Land Mobile Robotics Laboratory from the ISR , Lisbon, Portugal. Subject : European project CAMERA, video and range pictures´ informations fusion for unknown environment 3D reconstruction ( +details ).
1998: Development engineer for the CEBQ , IST, Lisbon, Portugal. Subject : Development of acquisition and process control softwares ( +details ).
1997: Study engineer for INSA Transfert of Toulouse (France) (Dpt.GPI, Labo URPB). Subject : Development of a vision system, continuation of a six month training period ( +details ).
From 93 to 96: Six contracts of activity leader for children and teenager (holiday periods).
July 1995: Commercial promotion in supermarkets (holiday periods).
From 89 to 93: Packer, storekeeper, commercial prospector for different societies (holiday periods).

These different jobs have given me capacities of adaptability , responsibility , organisation , communication , dynamism , team spirit ,etc.

Discharged with the army.
BAFA: diploma of activity leader specialised in camping and hike.
SB: diploma of swimming supervisor.
Driving licence and personal car.
Personal interests: Photography, cinema, mountain bike , running, snowboard, sailing, etc.